Bugs`Xploration is bug bounty night in which the geeks and researchers have to find the bug in the given websites. Bugs`Xploration is all about coding together to find the bugs and the open loop holes in the preferred websites to solve the real world problems. Students, Developers, Researchers, Exploiters, Entrepreneurs and Idea generators will come together to find the toughest vulnerabilities. Participants will spend 12 hours building a solution to a problem they really want to solve.

The Bugs’Xploration 2015, this bug bounty night is unique in its own way with the atmosphere of coding world. We help websites to find the bug in different way and also help the upcoming geeks to drill their knowledge in better area. This night is of Bug Exploiting in which the Exploiters will find loop holes in the websites, and those websites will get more and more tough security by the results of these Bug Exploitation. In this way both the Website and the researcher gets opportunity and Success in their work.

Today 87% of the web is vulnerable to external threats the need for secure and reliable service delivery through the web has never been higher. This Bugs’Xploration 2015 is the Night where the world of Bug Bounty starts its game of 12 hours. Whoever becomes the Winning Bug Finder will get chance to attend Conference. The Winner has to present out the Exploitation done during those 12 hours. It is the first ever Bug Exploration Night in the Nation to give Overwhelming security to Websites and Confidence to the Bug Exploiter.

Register now : http://www.bugsxploration.com/