Cyber Crime Investigation


Guarding the Internet: Cyber Crime Investigation

With the world becoming closer through the internet, the threats of malicious activities leave the most important of information (which is easily available online) exposed to the cyber crime. Cyber crime means the frauds done using the internet. Despite several defensive walls created to keep this information safe on the internet, some malicious minds use the technique of hacking for serving their criminal agendas.

Internet hacking is of two types-


Systems are hacked by the expert hackers sitting in the department, with the permission of the authorizing bodies to conduct investigations of different crimes. The hacking could be like- tapping a phone, extracting details of personal nature both, government institutions or personnel, extracting internet history etc. Such hacking help the investigating bodies to join the dots of the crime and reach to a conclusion of the crime event so happened; eventually leading them to the culprit and suitable punishment.

Non- ethical

This kind of hacking is criminal in nature. A hacker uses his knowledge to serve his criminal intentions which could be in the form of- robbery from bank accounts/ wrongful transactions, hacking into government systems, leakage of personal data like pictures, videos or important passwords, extracting identification data of a person etc.

The police defense system has a separate department called Crime Branch for Cyber Crime Investigation and guarding our internet services from such attacks. A simulated certified attack- Network Penetration Testing is conducted on a regular basis to understand the strength of the network system.

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