Network Penetration Testing


Network strength calculator: Penetration Testing

Network penetration testing is referred to a certified simulated attack on a computer/network to identify the potential safety of the system, with the adequate defenses, against cyber attacks. The test is performed on the parameters of potential vulnerabilities breaking through the defined security system against the unauthorized access over the network.

The process usually identifies the target systems, tries to penetrate through the defense system and then reviews the resultant information and suggests technical solutions or support (if any) for fixing the vulnerability. A network penetration test target is also-

  • A white box (provides background and system information) or
  • Recording equipment (provides basic or no information except the corporate name)

Security problems that the Network Penetration Testing uncovers are in accordance to the system owner.  Such tests assess potential impacts to the organization and recommend countermeasures to subside the risk, eventually securing the important data and information exchange over the network. An analysis and penetration prediction technique and tools like- Netsparker, Acunetix or Metasploit, documents an inventory of hypothesized flaws in a computer code square measure compiled through analysis of the specifications and documentation for the system.

The test results in the form of a list of hypothesized flaws which are then calculated on the chance of the actual existence of the flaw and how much fixing it really require. The prioritized list so generated, is employed to conclude the strength of the installed network defense system against the malicious temporarily or permanent attacks and the chances of recovery.

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