IT Infra Security Assessment

At Cyber Octet, we understand how even a single security weakness can have an adverse effect on the many security measures in place, in an enterprise. We provide secure implementation, as well as maintenance of the IT infrastructure for our client companies, as part of our security assessment service.

Scanning For Vulnerabilities

We aim to get basic information about the exposure of a company's IT infrastructure to a malicious code or threat.

We carry out the assessment with automated tools, using specially-crafted requests and varied techniques to systematically verify the accessibility of services and any known vulnerabilities.

Penetration Testing or External Threat Assessment

Our experts identify potential security threats posed to the IT infrastructure of an enterprise, that could have originated from web-based business apps, firewalls, mail servers, and other publicly accessible networks or servers.

We make use of the same tools and processes as the ones used in actual attacks.

Assessment of Internal Security

We are trained to identify any possible security threats or attacks posed to an IT infrastructure from an attack originating from the internal network.

We thoroughly assess situations to bring both accidental and deliberate harmful actions of employees to light, if there is one.

Our assessment reports includes accessibility testing, a review of the information system security design, as well as the review of the software and hardware security settings, amongst other things.