Network strength calculator: Penetration Testing

Cyber Octet is here to use its unique visibility and independent expertise to help identify and tackle your network vulnerabilities. We ensure our client businesses have an enhanced security posture, run at reduced risk, while possessing an improved operational efficiency.

Deep Understanding of a Network

Our elite testers begin with understanding the ins and outs of the unique corporate environment of every client organization.

By leveraging threat intelligence our and proprietary penetration testing tactics, we show how an attacker could gain unauthorized access into their network.

We strive to empower an enterprise with a fresh understanding so that they can strengthen their security posture.

A Tailored Goal-based Approach

At Cyber Octet, we ensure that every system is tested in the greater context of its environment with a goal-based methodology.

We especially believe in adapting the test and rules of engagement in order to uncover a network's unique vulnerabilities.

We Execute; We Raise Awareness

Our security testing consultants perform expertly, both on site as well as remotely. We also train our clients' employees to up their skills in dealing with Phishing or other attacks.