Web App Penetration Testing

 Web Security Testing: protecting applications from malware and cyber attacks

In today’s world, the cyber security is a must for it contains critical information about everyone and everything. With the advancement of digitalization it is imperative to understand the importance of Web App penetration testing– how and why is it done.

What is Web Application Security/ Penetration Testing?

Any computer system or network needs to undergo a security test to establish its ability to withstand the probable cyber attacks and vulnerabilities and to validate its application control effectiveness. The Web Application Penetration Testing process includes a detailed analysis of the application for any weaknesses, technical flaws, or vulnerabilities like- malicious external attacker, an internal user, system instability, etc. that could harm the assets of the application- resources of value, data in the system etc.

This could be done in two ways-

  • Automated
  • Manual

This test through its various testing modules and technologies assesses for security issues which are in turn presented to the system owner and later offered a technical solution for the same. These tests and solutions could be done in all parts of the software development lifecycle (SLDC) and throughout the life of applications. Thus, Web application testing enables enterprises to find and fix existing vulnerabilities and prevent possible new ones, block attacks against the system and ensure that only authorized personnel are allowed to access data or other crucial information of the system.

A web application penetration test focuses only on evaluating and finding technical solutions to the issues discovered during the test of a web application.

We follow OWASP, WASC, SANS Top 25 as priority for Security Testing, BLA & Source Code review comes later and plays very vital role for Web Application Penetration Testing.

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