Developers and security analysts are increasingly becoming involved in application security initiatives. Managers need to understand both the technical nature of their teams’ involvement with security initiatives as well as the business case for performing activities.

Our Training Program ensure that your software developers, architects, and testers have been exposed to application security and understand how to find and prevent the common vulnerabilities. Leaders and managers must also be trained in how to lead projects and teams to produce secure applications. The organization must define application security requirements for each application based on understanding of the threat model for the business. These requirements are used to drive security through the software development process and are verified as part of the testing and acceptance processes. All of the company’s applications (including internal applications) receive some level of scrutiny to verify security and check for common vulnerabilities before they are deployed and at least yearly thereafter. The most critical applications must receive a detailed code review and penetration test, while less critical applications must receive at least an automated security scan.

This would be Best ROI for your Business Process as IT has now become one of critical prospect to run the business.